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Past Winter Combinatorics Meetings

The speakers were as listed below.



Christina Goldschmidt (University of Oxford)
The scaling limit of the minimum spanning tree of the complete graph

Robert Jajcay (Comenius University, Slovakia)
Symmetric cages

Vadim Lozin (University of Warwick)
Deciding the Bell number for hereditary graph properties

Maurice Pouzet (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)
Decompositions of relational structures and enumeration

Klara Stokes (Linköping University, Sweden)
Linear patterns of ideals of numerical semigroups (with applications to configurations)



Pinar Heggernes (University of Bergen, Norway)
Enumeration in graph classes

Daniel Kral (University of Warwick)
Graph limits and finite forcibility

Misha Rudnev (University of Bristol)
The sum-product problem

Alex Scott (University of Oxford)
Hypergraphs of bounded disjointness

Brett Stevens (Carleton University, Canada)
Optimising an imperfect tournament



Mireille Bousquet-Mélou (Université Bordeaux 1, France)
Asymptotic properties of some minor-closed classes of graphs

David Conlon (Oxford University, UK)
Extremal results in sparse pseudorandom graphs

David Evans (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
Matroids in model theory

Iain Moffat (Royal Holloway, London, UK, moving from University of South Alabama, USA)
Partial duals of embedded graphs

Steven Noble (Brunel University, London, UK)
The Merino-Welsh conjecture: an inequality for Tutte polynomials



Ian Anderson (University of Glasgow)
Homage to John T. Mitchell: some early and recent combinatorial designs

António Breda D’Azevedo (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Maps, hypermaps and abstract polytopes

Peter Danziger (Ryerson University, Canada)
2-factorizations of the complete graph

Diana Piguet (University of Birmingham)
Embedding cycles of given length in oriented graphs

Einar Steingrímsson (University of Strathclyde)
Permutation patterns



Sophie Huczynska (University of St Andrews)
From sum-free sets to subgroups: what lies between?

Mark Jerrum (Queen Mary, University of London)
The computational complexity of Ising model on some classes of matroids

Tom McCourt (University of Queensland, moving to University of Bristol)
Biembedding twofold triple systems

Colin McDiarmid (University of Oxford)
Colouring random geometric graphs

Deryk Osthus (University of Birmingham)
Perfect matchings and Hamilton cycles in hypergraphs



Dan Archdeacon (University of Vermont)

Lowell Beineke (Purdue University)
Line graphs and beyond

Leslie Goldberg (University of Liverpool)
Stable marriages and independent sets in bipartite graphs

Maura Paterson (Birkbeck College, University of London)
Multihop properties of distinct difference configurations

Jozef Skokan (LSE, University of London)
Ramsey goodness and bandwidth



Peter Cameron (Queen Mary, University of London)

Fedor Fomin (University of Bergen, Norway)
Exact algorithms for NP hard problems

Timothy Gowers (University of Cambridge)
Combinatorial theorems inside sparse random sets

Gareth Jones (University of Southampton)
Complete bipartite maps

Edita Mâcajová (Comenius University, Bratislava)
Colouring of cubic graphs by Steiner triple systems and Abelian groups

Jan van den Heuvel (LSE)
Distance-two colouring of graphs



Anthony Hilton (Queen Mary, London)
k-to-1 continuous functions between graphs

James Hirschfeld (Sussex)
The size of the automorphism group of an algebraic curve

Martin Mačaj (Comenius, Bratislava)
2-perfect trail systems

Gordon Royle (Western Australia)
Colourings (and other homomorphisms) of cubelike graphs

Andrew Thomason (Cambridge)
Turan's theorem, Szemeredi's lemma and colours



Bill Jackson (Queen Mary)
Compatible circuit decompositions of 4-regular graphs

Daniela Kühn (Birmingham)
Generalized matching problems

Imre Leader (Cambridge)
Intersecting families of permutations

Vassili Mavron (Aberystwyth)
Regular Hadamard matrices, codes and quasi-symmetric designs

John Talbot (UCL)
G-intersecting families of sets



Rosemary Bailey (Queen Mary, London)
Association schemes and their products

Simon Blackburn (Royal Holloway, London)
Sets of permutations that generate the symmetric group pairwise

Diane Donovan (Queensland, Australia)
From Latin squares to Steiner triple systems, via trades, uniquely completable sets and defining sets

Martin Knor (Slovak Technical University, Bratislava)
Cycles in iterated line graphs

Nigel Martin (Durham)
Factorisations of complete bipartite graphs



Aleš Drápal (Charles University, Prague)
Amalgamations of Latin trades

Peter Rowlinson (Stirling)
Star complements in finite graphs

Jan Saxl (Cambridge)
Some combinatorial applications of the classification of the finite simple groups

Jana Šiagiová (Slovak Technical University)
Large vertex-transitive and Cayley graphs of diameter two

Ralph Stanton (Manitoba)
Considerations on small packing numbers



Lowell Beineke (Indiana-Purdue University)
On the efficient elimination of cycles from graphs

Peter Cameron (Queen Mary, University of London)
Some combinatorics of permutations.

Ken Gray (University of Queensland)
Proportionally balanced designs

Donald Keedwell (University of Surrey)
Tests for loop nuclei and a criterion for a group-based Latin square

Jozef Siran (Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava)
Regular maps of negative prime Euler characteristic



Ian Anderson (University of Glasgow)
Balancing training schedules for carryover effects

Gareth Jones (University of Southampton)
Graphs, groups and surfaces

Stephanie Perkins (University of Glamorgan)
Variable length codes that synchronize

Martin Skoviera (Comenius University, Bratislava)
Colouring cubic graphs by Steiner triple systems

Douglas Woodall (University of Nottingham)
Hall-type conditions: irreducibility and colourings



Norman Biggs (London School of Economics)
Group representations and chromatic polynomials

Darryn Bryant (University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)
Completing latin rectangles to symmetric latin squares

Terry Griggs (Open University)
(Replaced a speaker who could not attend on the day)

Ray Hill (University of Salford)
Optimal linear codes and finite geometries

Kenny Paterson (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Universal cycles: de Bruijn and beyond



Lowell Beineke (Purdue University)
Graph decompositions with design connections

Jean Doyen (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)
Homogeneous and ultrahomogeneous combinatorial structures

Donald Preece (Queen Mary and Westfield College and University of Kent at Canterbury)
Balanced Graeco-Latin row-column designs - an update

Alex Rosa (McMaster University)
Specialized colourings of Steiner systems

Ian Wanless (University of Oxford)
Cycles in Latin squares



Keith Edwards (University of Dundee)
Detachments of finite graphs

Gregory Gutin (Brunel University)
Hamiltonian digraphs

Anthony Hilton (University of Reading)
The Hall and the Choice numbers of a graph

Imre Leader (University College London)
Normal spanning trees

Jozef Siran (Slovak Technical University)
Algebraic methods in the degree/diameter problem