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Wednesday 4 March 2015

Open University campus, Milton Keynes

Sixteenth annual meeting.

All are welcome.

The speakers are as follows.

Christina Goldschmidt (University of Oxford)
The scaling limit of the minimum spanning tree of the complete graph

Robert Jajcay (Comenius University, Slovakia)
Symmetric cages

Vadim Lozin (University of Warwick)
Deciding the Bell number for hereditary graph properties

Maurice Pouzet (UniversitÚ Claude Bernard Lyon 1)
Decompositions of relational structures and enumeration

Klara Stokes (Link÷ping University, Sweden)
Linear patterns of ideals of numerical semigroups (with applications to configurations)

Please note that arrangements are slightly different from those in recent years: see the Rooms page.

Anyone attending the Meeting is welcome to join the group going to a restaurant afterwards. For details see the Dinner page.